Financial Education Workshops on Their Way!

Thanks to US Bank and Banner Bank Housing Now will be conducting several financial education workshops in 2019.  These workshops will be held at apartment complexes, schools and other locations.

Housing Now believes it is important for people to plan for their housing future and prepare accurate budgets so they can make ends meet and qualify for secure, future, housing.

Housing Now also believes that it is important to have financial education for those already in housing, that may be at the risk of homelessness.

Stay tuned for more details.


Lanterman Housing Alliance, in partnership with Corporation for Supportive Housing and the State Council continue to work on producing the final product of the Strategic Housing Framework.

Although the data from the housing survey is now being tallied you can still provide your feedback.

This has been a very difficult task, to identify real and achievable goals on how to produce more affordable and quality housing and housing resources for Californians with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD).

Please take the survey. Thank you!

Lanterman Housing Alliance Strategic Framework


Lanterman Housing Alliance Strategic Framework

Housing Now is a member of the Lanterman Housing Alliance.   We are working on a strategic housing framework for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities.  Go to and register to be informed when the housing survey goes live.  LHA needs feedback from all populations throughout the State of California.  This will be an exciting project.  Stay tuned…