About CalABLE

For many people with disabilities, the fear of losing critical public benefits, coupled with the high cost of support expenses, has limited them from building financial security.

Until recently, individuals receiving federal benefits have been restricted in the amount of money they can save, essentially keeping them in poverty and preventing them from planning for the future. With the Stephen Beck Jr. Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, signed into federal law by President Obama, these thresholds are no longer an obstacle.

In 2015 Governor Brown signed the California ABLE Act into law. CalABLE allows qualified individuals with disabilities and their families to open tax-free savings accounts without the worry of losing vital government assistance. The law establishes a board that will administer the CalABLE savings program.

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Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

HUD has directed local jurisdictions to have a plan to identify and address impediments to fair housing.  This includes having enough housing for people of all incomes in integrated communities.  There is also a need to have low income housing close to quality schools and access to fresh foods.

HUD has mandated the jurisdictions to reach out to the community for feedback.  Locally, in Sacramento, the report is due to HUD April 2017.  This is a short time frame to have a quality report.

You can participate in this important report.

For more information:  www.SHRA.og or

Lanterman Housing Alliance

Lanterman Housing Alliance met in March in Sacramento.  People heard from Housing California, The ARC/UCP, Marty Omoto from California Person Centered Advocacy Partnership, State Council,  Association of Regional Centers (ARCA), Mark Stivers from TCAC (Tax Credit Allocation Committee), CAL-ALHFA and State Department of Developmental Disabilities among others.

Housing is extremely important for people to live integrated and independent lives in the community.  LHA discussed how to create more housing options and outlined action steps.

Next LHA meeting is October 4 and 5, 2016.  Stay tuned for more information: