If interested in learning more about becoming a member of Housing Now, please complete the form on the contact page.

Organizational Members

  • InAlliance
  • Options in Supported Living, LLC
  • On My Own
  • The Community Compass
  • Home Pointe Property Management
  • Creative Living Options
  • Northstar Services
  • Pride
  • STEP (Strategies to Empower People)

Individual Members

  • Andy and Dana Faletti
  • Jan Escamilla
  • Sue Samuel


  • Lanterman Housing Alliance
  • Sacramento Self Help Housing
  • Sacramento Housing Alliance

About Membership

Housing Now is an organization that plays a vital role in securing safe, affordable, and accessible housing for persons with intellectual/ developmentally disabled in the greater Sacramento region. The services Housing Now administers and the programs it has developed have played a real day-to-day difference in keeping people with developmental disabilities independent of care institutions, out of overcrowded homeless shelters and off the streets.

In 2009, as in years past, agencies and organizations that provide services for the disabled are being hit hard by State budget cuts. Like many other organizations, Housing Now is holding on tight and stretching every dollar to maintain and provide the best services we can—to as many consumers as we can.

Maintaining adequate funding is vital to the continued mission and strength of Housing Now. We need your help to continue offering these important services to persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

By renewing or becoming a member of Housing Now today, you could play a life-determining role in an individual or family’s future tomorrow.

The benefits of renewing or becoming a member of Housing Now:

Housing Now is dedicated to meeting the housing needs of persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities. We provide one-on-one housing counseling and housing referral services to member agencies and their consumers at a reduced cost. This essential service helps keep the people we serve in safe, stable, and affordable housing. It prevents displacement during moves and helps ensure that all possible resources have been scoured and utilized to find housing that best suits a person’s needs and requirements. We believe that “Home” is the most important place in the world.

Housing Now provides education about community living options to people who need support, their families, SLS and ILS community facilitators, ACRC service coordinators, our member agencies, and property managers in order to enable people to make informed decisions about living independently.

Housing Now also works with community groups, local governments, and housing authorities to advocate for and raise awareness about the need for affordable housing for persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities who live on limited incomes, and Housing Now keeps our members up to date on important issues and events in our quarterly News Flash.

At Housing Now, we work on behalf of people in need of a place to call home. With your support and membership, we are making sure a person’s move from a family home, skilled nursing facility or developmental centers to living and sustaining independence in our communities is a reality—rather than a possibility.

Support the efforts of Housing Now to create and maintain affordable, accessible, and safe housing opportunities in your community! Your contribution goes directly to helping us find safe housing for people. See our current list of members above.


$250 per agency
$25 for individual
$40 per couple

When you join, your name /organization will be added to our web site, you’ll be updated on our housing successes, issues surrounding housing for persons with intellectual/ developmental disabilities, and events throughout the year. Please take the time to print, fill in, and return the membership form below, with your payment. Adequate funding is vital to our continued mission and strength.

Thank you for your support.

Patti Uplinger
Executive Director
Housing Now