Our Mission

Executive Director Patti Uplinger presenting on Housing Now’s financial education and future planning program.

To locate and maintain affordable and accessible homes for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities in community-oriented safe neighborhoods.

Housing Now is a coalition of property managers, business people, affordable housing advocates, client groups with intellectual/ developmentally disabled, service providers and local affordable housing real estate developers dedicated to expanding affordable (low income) and accessible housing options for persons with developmental disabilities.

What we do:

Housing Now was created through a generous grant from the Department of Developmental Services in October 2002.

Housing Now is actively seeking funding and other grants to provide the following services:

  • 1:1 support to navigate the steps to seek, obtain, and retain quality affordable housing
  • Provide housing resources education to clients, families, Supported Living Services (SLS) and Independent Living Services (ILS) organizations through 1:1 direct support and group education seminars
  • Work with individuals with I/DD and their families to complete an Individual Housing Intake Assessment and create a plan to obtain a safe and affordable home
  • Connect individuals and families with resources for obtaining reasonable accommodations and home modifications to overcome physical challenges
  • Work 1:1 with clients to overcome housing retention issues such as fair housing violations, lease violations

Housing Now is committed to building relationships, and advocating for increased options for affordable housing for persons with I/DD.  We offer educational classes and seminars for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, families and affordable housing agencies (other groups we educate) about the most current affordable housing (low income) options available, latest policy updates and the need for increased resources for ACRC clients to obtain and live independently in a safe and affordable home. We do this with the support of our membership partners, individual donors and community grant funds.

This commitment is met with the following services:

  • Referrals to current up-to-date database of affordable housing options in the region
  • Maintain a list of resources available for home modifications
  • Provide outreach to ACRC consumers of services, ILS, SLS agencies, affordable housing organizations to inform them about current housing policy and advocacy opportunities to promote more options for persons with I/DD
  • Educate the community about the living needs of persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities to obtain safe and affordable housing options
  • Partner with affordable housing organizations to expand options for persons with I/DD to obtain safe and affordable housing

  • Resource for property managers/owners to find people who need accessible apartments
  • Work with affordable housing real estate developers to create and expand subsidized living options
  • Participate in the development of housing elements
  • Post on Housing Now website the latest housing policy updates and opportunities
  • Conduct presentations statewide related to housing