Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

HUD has directed local jurisdictions to have a plan to identify and address impediments to fair housing.  This includes having enough housing for people of all incomes in integrated communities.  There is also a need to have low income housing close to quality schools and access to fresh foods.

HUD has mandated the jurisdictions to reach out to the community for feedback.  Locally, in Sacramento, the report is due to HUD April 2017.  This is a short time frame to have a quality report.

You can participate in this important report.

For more information:  www.SHRA.og or

Lanterman Housing Alliance

Lanterman Housing Alliance met in March in Sacramento.  People heard from Housing California, The ARC/UCP, Marty Omoto from California Person Centered Advocacy Partnership, State Council,  Association of Regional Centers (ARCA), Mark Stivers from TCAC (Tax Credit Allocation Committee), CAL-ALHFA and State Department of Developmental Disabilities among others.

Housing is extremely important for people to live integrated and independent lives in the community.  LHA discussed how to create more housing options and outlined action steps.

Next LHA meeting is October 4 and 5, 2016.  Stay tuned for more information:

Lanterman Housing Alliance

The Lanterman Housing Alliance (LHA) recently met for the Fall conference. Santi Rogers, Director of the State Department of Developmental Disabilities ,joined us for a conversation about the state of housing in California and individuals with developmental disabilities.
Some of the LHA members continue to develop more housing opportunities. There is so much competition for low income housing we need many more housing options.
Developers are in need of funds to be able to develop housing.
One Sacramento Housing Developer is in the process of creating more housing using HUD 811 funds. These apartments would be deeply subsidized and are for people at risk of institutionalization or coming out of institutions including Intermediate Care Facilities.
It was exciting to have a housing discussion with the LHA members. Collectively we are working on trying to get Medicaid funding for Housing Services. We are using the CMS guidelines for this proposal.
LHA has received a grant to continue our work on the Legcacy Homes project.
Stay tuned for more housing news in the future!

TAC INC releases People with Disabilities Priced Out of Housing Market 2014

People with Disabilities Priced Out of Nation’s Housing Market       

New study reveals that people with disabilities receiving Supplemental Security Income cannot afford housing anywhere in the United States

Washington, D.C. — According to a study released today by the Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC), and the Consortium for Citizens (CCD) with Disabilities Housing Task Force, the national average rent for a modestly priced one-bedroom apartment is more than the entire Supplemental Security Income (SSI) of a person with a disability. Priced Out in 2014 reveals that people with disabilities receiving SSI needed to pay 104 percent of their monthly income to rent a modest one-bedroom unit at the published fair market rent.

“From Bethel, Alaska to Boston, Massachusetts, to Tallahassee, Florida, we have an affordable housing crisis in our nation’s local communities, and it is particularly acute for people with disabilities on SSI. The effect is incontrovertible – too many people with disabilities on SSI are homeless or live in segregated settings,” stated Kevin Martone, TAC Executive Director. He added, “The human toll is inexcusable and the economic argument to address affordable housing is compelling.”

To read the complete study and find data about specific housing markets, go to: