Support Housing Now

Dear Housing Now Supporter:

There is a housing crisis in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. People continue to be priced out of the rental market. COVID-19 is affecting all types of people with different incomes. Just recently, through my connections, I was able to locate housing for a colleague’s family! They were looking for three to four months with no luck. Imagine how much more difficult finding housing is for individuals and families living with I/DD… They need our support now more than ever.  

Housing Now has been busy advocating for more housing and assistance programs for people who are at risk of homelessness. That includes people with I/DD who are on limited incomes and do not have access to subsidized housing. Even more difficult is finding housing that is affordable and in a safe and decent neighborhood. 

Housing Now has been sponsoring financial education workshops with grant support from Banner Bank. These workshops are very popular and are greatly needed. Check the website for upcoming dates for workshops. Housing Now is educating people who currently live in housing, on how to make sure they remain stable and don’t lose their place of residence! Our goal is to educate over 150 individuals and families in 2021 through these workshops. 

Housing Now continues to be an affiliate of the Lanterman Housing Alliance (LHA) LHA is in the process of taking steps to address recommendations identified in the Strategic Housing Framework for people with I/DD. 

In this current housing market, during this pandemic, the voice of Housing Now is imperative. It is time for our annual membership drive. Housing Now depends on your membership dues and donations to continue our work and be an effective resource in the ten-county area served by Alta California Regional Center. Please consider the application at the end of this letter.

The benefits of renewing or becoming a member of Housing Now

  • Housing Now provides housing referral services to member agencies and their clients.
  • Housing Now provides education about community living options to people who need support, their families, SLS and ILS community facilitators, ACRC service coordinators and our member agencies, in order to enable our clients to make informed decisions about living independently. 
  • Housing Now keeps our members up to date on important housing issues and what is new in the housing field.
  • Members are listed on the Housing Now website
  • Members will be notified of upcoming housing events throughout the year.